Roberto Melotti was born in Bologna, Italy. Little more than a teenager, he finds in his house an old Voigtländer camera and begins to take the first pictures on a trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, in Croatia.

The rudimentary exposure meter and his approximate technique were not the best approach for obtaining satisfactory results, but that experience was the first step in a long journey full of enthusiasm, passion and satisfaction.

With the first manual SLR, a Pentax MX provided with the three lenses 28mm, 50mm and 135mm, he perfects his technique, while with the future Nikon equipment he experiences many areas of photography. Nature in all its aspects always focuses his interest that came true in a long photographic journey through Mexican deserts, grasslands and harsh highlands.

Graduate studies in geology completed he knows the Indonesian tropical forest and its wild fauna, free and fair in its natural environment. His passion for wildlife will take him to discover the great North American spaces with endless forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and swamps that are home for some animals difficult to find in the European continent.

He considers photography as a document and a hymn to the beauty, where the subject is the nature, living and wild. Actually, he is Santa Viola Photography Club President and Photography Course Tutor.


  • Winning "Environmental Photography 2022" Photo Contest
  • Honorable Mention at "Annual Photography Awards 2021"
  • Honorable Mention at "VIEPA 2021" (Vienna International Photo Award)
  • Selected photo for the "Global Photo Awards 2021" Catalogue
  • Top 50 Finalists at "CEFF 2021" (Colorado Environmental Film Festival) 
  • Honorable Mention at "Fotografare il Parco Photo Contest 2020"
  • Winning photo of the Mention Trees and forests at "Obiettivo Terra Photo Contest 2020"
  • Honorable Mention at "Primo Wild Contest 2020"
  • 3rd Place at "IPA 2019" (International Photography Awards) Categories: Editorial/Press, Enviromental 
  • 1st Place Overall at "National Geographic Italia Photo Contest 2019"